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Amazing Military…God Bless You…God Bless your families

June 6, 2012


As I scrolled through these photos my heart pounded watching the reality. I know soldiers fight. I know there is bloodshed. But these photos pricked my heart to the reality of war and it’s horror. Please pray for our soldiers as they fight and as they return home that God will strengthen them through the […]

WOW! This house has AMAZING “little things” that add convenience

May 3, 2012


We did cabinets on the back of our island as well and a drawer charger in our master bath vanities.   We also did a built-in paper towel holder and custom storage organization in every kitchen drawer: And a place for doggies to get bathed: and for doggies to take a rest when we aren’t […]

“Fairy Tales” – Bagan, Myanmar – Amnon Eichlberg –

February 22, 2012


SURREAL! Of course the picture has been doctored but can you imagine getting to witness this place in person. “Fairy Tales” – Bagan, Myanmar – Amnon Eichlberg – Featured Photographer «

My Window Mirror History:Japanese Internment Camp

February 7, 2012


One of my most prized possessions. I adore this mirror. My friend gave this to me before we moved from Twin Falls. I’ve wanted to do research on it’s history and finally today I did. This was a window in one of the barracks at the Minidoka Internment Camp (also known as The Hunt Relocation […]

Finally someone who can put my thoughts to words!

February 4, 2012


Thank you Pioneer Woman who now by the way has her own TV show WHAT?!?! I thought she was JUST a blogging homeschool mom… So I’ve settled comfortably into this life””this life of a relaxed homeschooler. Now, I do have specific, quality materials I use””a bit of an a la carte hodgepodge. But I’ve come […]

Feed The Wolf

January 20, 2012


One winter’s evening whilst gathered round a blazing camp fire, an old Sioux Indian chief told his grandson about the inner struggle that goes on inside people. “You see” said the old man, “this inner struggle is like two wolves fighting each other. One is evil, full of anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, […]

Luxury Bath

December 29, 2011


Stripes! Coming to a Crossley house near you. Just sayin’ $439 Luxury Bath | Editors’ Picks: Top 12 Budget Reader Remodels | Photos | Money Saving Ideas | This Old House. Loving this industrial look stuff Can I have striped walls and a striped shower curtain? But if I paint my wooden floors how does […]