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West Hoke Elementary School Teacher Suspended After School Lunch Incident | Video |

March 7, 2012


Teachers should not be put in a situation to overrule the parent’s lunch of choice. via West Hoke Elementary School Teacher Suspended After School Lunch Incident | Video | EXACTLY!!!! Advertisements

New Study Finds School Choice Does No Harm to Public Education | The Friedman Foundation For Educational Choice

February 29, 2012


Another block stacked up against government run education.   If districts have school choice programs and lose a few hundred children, they really are benefitting financially because they keep many of the dollars spent on each child,” said Robert Enlow, President and CEO of the Friedman Foundation. “In no other business in America do you […]

Finally someone who can put my thoughts to words!

February 4, 2012


Thank you Pioneer Woman who now by the way has her own TV show WHAT?!?! I thought she was JUST a blogging homeschool mom… So I’ve settled comfortably into this life””this life of a relaxed homeschooler. Now, I do have specific, quality materials I use””a bit of an a la carte hodgepodge. But I’ve come […]

Idaho teachers fight a reliance on computers

January 5, 2012


Besides this article’s title being misleading.  I just don’t like it.  But it’s a blog-versation starter. Now you’re talking. perhaps eventually, not having students congregate in schools at all. “We can just get rid of sports and band and just give everyone a laptop and call it good,” he said. via Idaho teachers fight a […]

Veterans Day Homeschool Style

November 12, 2011



Why should a school teacher in a brick box get to enjoy this instead of me?

November 9, 2011


If you’ve enjoyed getting to know Will, you know this is not the first TOOTH incident. But this is the first one he has wiggled and jiggled and finally yanked on his own. I’m sure all the rest of his teeth will be smashed out of his head “accidentally” during a routine Will accident in […]


October 6, 2011


Remember my post about Reed building a house without a hammer. Today in school we learned about circles in nature, art, surrounding us.  This led to spheres and cylinders.  I pointed to at least 10 things the boys could measure just sitting at their dest.  They needed to measure circumference and diameter. I asked Reed […]