What The Mom learned in homeschool today

Posted on 09/17/2011


If I gave Reed a hammer and spent 2 weeks teaching him how to hold it and use it and name the parts to it and how it was built and what type of wood was in the handle and what type of metal was in the head.

And then

I asked him to build a house

I sincerely believe he would leave the hammer sitting on the table, walk across the road and rip some cat-tails out of the banks of the creek.  Let them dry in the sun for a day, not forgetting to move them each hour to a new location.

Braid them in an intricate Irish knot design before arranging them in the SHAPE of an 1812 American Indian tepee.

He wouldn’t even consider using the hammer.

This is why I have no eyelashes, nose hairs, or toenail fungus.  I’ve ripped them all out trying to get Reed to make it easy on himself and build a house with a hammer.

Either way the house gets built right?!?

Please please please tell me the house gets built.