Posted on 04/15/2011


While at The Club, I saw a commercial for McDonald’s.

There were no french fries.

No shakes.

No quadruple decker Big Macalicious crazy burgers.

No soda.

Just a bunch of kids searching through generic looking happy meal boxes and popping an apple slice in their mouth once in a while.

Is MickeyD’s coming around to this whole healthy, happy, preventative lifestyle?  Let’s hope so!

I hope they are the ones to make fast healthy food that we can grab and go.  I wish them many many many dollars if they can do that.  Because I really hate digging through my personal cooler on road trips.  I’d rather drive through MickeyD’s and get a cheese stick, NAKED apple slices, a banana, almond butter, pineapple, raw almonds, or a salad with NAKED grilled chicken, pecans, blue cheese, craisins, carrots, spinach,    uh oh…..

I’m hungry again.

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