The Weekend

Posted on 03/27/2011


I think we achieved weekend warrior status.

Run here.  Run there.  Play.  Eat.  Not enough sleep.

Boys found bikes and hopefully we’ll get to enjoy our Crossley family spring break bike trip.  Grandpa wants to ride from Lucky Peak down to some campground but there is supposed to be raining and raining and raining.  Ned still wants to plan on it but I’m skeptical.

I found my new running shoes.  Vibram Five Finger running shoes.

Showed up at Costco half a hour before they close to do some serious shopping with six kids in tow.  We were quite a show.  You know how the register people load up your cart and fill up boxes with your groceries?  They were interested in helping me out with my cart load of groceries and a crying baby 15 minutes past closing time.  I just laughed in my head.  I’ve worked retail.  At closing time, you’re done.

It was raining out side as I loaded all my groceries piece by piece since they didn’t give me any boxes and the last worker who was gathering the carts from the parking lot redeemed all the crabby workers inside.  She helped me load everything and asked if I needed any more help.  So sweet.

Learned we need $4500.00 worth of repairs done on the Kia.  Do we just take that and make a down payment on a new rig?  Casey at Bruneel Tire Factory on Fairview is GREAT!  If you need car repairs, go there!

But if you want to stay in a good hotel, don’t go the Courtyard by Marriott downtown.  I could hear the TV next door.  Could hear people talking as they walked past our door and not even a continental breakfast.  LAME!

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