This is what seventeen years looks like.

Posted on 03/13/2011


We didn’t get a paycheck or taxes in the mail so we didn’t do the spectacular anniversary celebration we had planned.  We stuck close to home but it was great!

Started the day Skyping with my sister in Texas.  The boys need to get control of their physical faculties before that will happen again.  It was almost as bad as being locked in a cage with crazy, rabid monkeys.  But Reed showed some FANTASTIC reading skills while reading the instant messages I typed that I told him he wasn’t allowed to read.  We may have unlocked the treasure chest that is his brain.  We just need to tell him he’s not allowed to read books, and he fights and works and has a BLAST reading.  That is not normal for him.  Reading is his trial.

Our dear neighbor lady offered to take the boys so Ned and I could go out for a peaceful dinner.  We did lots of window shopping.  I found the perfect set of chairs for our new house (whenever THAT miracle happens).  Ned found himself the perfect ugly, man-chair recliner.  GROSS!  We shopped at the jewelry store next to the furniture shop.  I tried on a $14,000 necklace from Italy (very similar to BC090 but BIGGER and more sparkles) and a $10,000 estate ring. Very similar to this one but add trillions next to the emerald cut.  Attention getter!

We went to eat at The Mill here in McCall.  DO NOT RECOMMEND it.  We both had beef and neither was particularly wonderful.  And for the price?  NO WAY!

We hustled out of dinner and went to our first hockey game.  Our home teacher gave us tickets so how could we resist?  THANKS MORGAN!  Idaho Junior Steelheads vs the Phenix Polar Bears.  Seems it was the first game in the playoffs maybe?!?  Don’t really follow hockey.


There were no bloody fights but plenty of testosterone filled shoving matches which is I guess what hockey is all about.  3 hours of boredom hoping for a fight.  It was a frustrating game for me because they just skate around and around and around flicking the puck around, slamming into the walls once in a while, hoping something they fling will get past the huge goalie.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the goalkeepers spread their body and pads and stick out across the ice trying to block that little net as much as they could.  That was entertainment.  We won 5-1.  But what can you expect against a hockey team based in Sun City?  Not many ice skills.

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