Kia Borrego…Bigger

Posted on 03/09/2011


We had a couple minutes in Boise with no plans yesterday. That in itself is CRAZY! So we dropped by Dennis Dillon. Ned whines how our Sorrento is too small. I LOVE it. We happened upon a NEW 2009 (only 1200 miles on that baby) Borrego.

It can hold 7 instead of 5 and this bad boy is tricked out. I can’t believe I’m saying that about a Kia. But it’s loaded. I just keep telling myself, “but there’s no moon roof” and I’m addicted to my moon roof.

So we’re dreaming and it gives us something to shoot for. Next year!

I love my Kia. If you want a super dooper rig, go drop my name at Dennis Dillon and pick up this Borrego for cheap! Then give it to me for my 17 year anniversary Saturday.

I’ll let you drive him whenever you want. But he sleeps with me. Oh, I’m in love!

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