Finally posting about one of the best dates ever

Posted on 02/26/2011


The women planned and organized a Valentine’s Date for the men.  Next year the men are in charge.  The bar is set HIGH!  Thanks so much to West Mountain Retreat for hosting our event.  The facilities were unbelievable!  I wish I had more photos of the place but I was a little too distracted to snap photos.

Each wife set a table for two.  Many thanks to Carrie who inspired my setting entitled “My favorite things”.  I filled three jars with representations of my favorite things in life.  The smell of lemons and wood and leather, leaves represented my favorite season of fall, Humvees, games, “big deals”, money, iPod, dogs, purple purple and more purple, dark chocolate, popcorn and candy corn together (can you say utter joy?!?),  crytal light pixies, black licorice, more purple, Carcassonne, Jeeps, crackling oat bran, sports, you get the picture…. But in the center of my favorites was ALL Ned.  They all pale in comparison to my favorite person.  It was fun for me to organize but it really paid tribute to Ned.  Well, I hope it did anyway.

Steak was the favored dish of the night.  Candice grilled them to perfection!  I turned Amy on to turkey and she may never be the same.  The food was amazing.  Kudos to all the chefs.

We swam (we not including Nichole since both suits are MIA TOGETHER), we ate, we laughed, we played games (which was the best part of the night for some and the most painful part of the night for others), and it was unforgettable.  Thank you Amy for your great idea.


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