Letter to the Editor

Posted on 02/08/2011


I wrote my first letter to the editor today.

I was motivated by a letter I received from my children’s school informing me that my second grader would be having a lecture on “safe and unsafe and confusing touches, and the parts of our body that are private”

Not only no but HELL NO!

The letter  is quite self explanatory.  I e mailed it to the boys principal, the District Superintendant, and both boys’ teachers.  I then submitted it to the local newspaper.  I intend to send the same letter to Tom Luna, Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the Boise and possibly the Idaho Falls and Moscow and Pocatello newspapers.

I will not stand by while parents’ rights are trampled by the public school system.

February 8, 2011

Dear McCall/Donnelly School District educators,

Thank you for the notice about the “Great Body Shop” presentation that is scheduled for Wednesday, February 9th, 2011.  The notice stated that the presentation was January 9th, 2011, but I assume since the date at the top of the letter and the day I received it are both February that the January date was a typographical error.

My child will not be attending the lecture for the following reasons:

1.The responsibility for teaching my child moral values, personal safety, cleanliness, and many other socially necessary skills, lies wholly on me as his parent.

2.The purpose of the School District is to teach my children to read, to teach my children mathematical skills, to educate my children in the sciences, and to educate him about language arts.  I send him to school to hone his writing skills and to expand his vocabulary.  I do not send him to school to be taught how to respect their bodies, learn personal safety and cleanliness skills, or assertive language that they can use to protect themselves.

If the school feels this is part of their duty to offer courses such as these and parents would like their children to participate, I suggest offering them at a time other than regular school hours.  An after school program, during recess, at a lunch meeting, or even on a school vacation days where children are not counted absent when opting out of the course, would all be viable options.

3.My children’s teachers attained a college degree, spend time furthering   their education and increasing their teaching capacities so that they may help train my children in the above mentioned courses.  Her money, time, and expertise should not be used, and especially not wasted, trying to make up for the lack of parenting that the children in her classroom may experience.  If a child is not receiving adequate training for skills they will need to be productive citizens in our society, the fault lies with parents and not public school educators.  Parents should be expected, and given the opportunity, to take responsibility for teaching their children subjects such as the ones being taught in “The Great Body Shop” curriculum.

I sincerely appreciate the education and skills my two children are receiving at the Elementary.  I know they are learning valuable lessons taught from well-trained staff.  I will not tolerate my children being educated about sex, religion, substance use or abuse, moral philosophies, alternative lifestyle, health screening and testing, or anything else that may run contrary to the teachings they receive at home.

It is not the obligation, responsibility, or even the right of the public school system to educate my children, or any other child, on these personal subjects.  I will take full responsibility, as should all parents and guardians of children, for teaching these things to my children when I deem it appropriate and necessary.  It is my right as a parent to teach my children what I know to be correct and ethical on these sensitive subjects, as well as all other subjects for that matter.

For example, in my son’s second grade class, there was a local law enforcement officer that gave a presentation during regular school hours.  In my opinion, that is valuable information, but I do not know if parents were notified of the presentation or it’s content in advance.  I knew about the presentation prior to its occurrence because my husband was the guest speaker.  This is one example of events that parents should be notified of in advance.

Please continue to notify me well in advance of any lecture, guest speakers, activities, or field trips presented beyond reading, writing, science, and language arts where my children are expected to participate while attending class at school.

Sincerely,Nichole Crossley