Party Time

Posted on 01/03/2011


We had a great time at our “private party”. I kept telling people we were attending a “private party” for New Year’s Eve. Luckily there were a LOAD of invitees to the private gathering.

We went to the Walgren’s and had a blast!

The boys got to play video games with the big kids.

We all consumed more sugar than humanly possible. Jalapenos filled with cream cheese wrapped in bacon and broiled may be the new “IT” hors d’oeuvres. Charades with teenagers versus old people is a hoot. A noisier tradition cannot be found anywhere at the strike of midnight; banging pots and pans with any handy utensil is a hit with the neighbors.

Bingo with a Texas T win sucks rocks! Sorry Detra. Five crowns will not be played often at our house. Next year, huge fireworks display at our house!!!!!! Come one come all.

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