It all boils down to free time and de-stressing

Posted on 01/03/2011


As I was reading about FB worth $50billion and wondering how, I found this comment and realized that this guy gets it.

from Paul in Seattle:
Facebook is like a new television channel, but the content is your friends pics, videos and comments–this will never fade from style. Maybe another site will out do Facebook (like Facebook did to My Space), but their will always be this new type of entertainment and communication. To those who say Facebook is a waste of time–to each his/her own; one persons waste of time is another persons way to unwind after a hard day of work. Goldman knows this. They are smart investors–and they all probably have Facebook accounts. The big “channels” on the net seem to be You Tube and Facebook, both interactive and powered by the people’s content. I am still waiting for a news source (NYT, CNN, MSNBC) to do something cool that will attract EVERYONE daily. It will have to be social and interactive.

Plus everyone has the same number one priority in life. To feel important and loved. Isn’t that what all our actions in life boil down to? FB and the number of people we are connected to gives us the feeling of being loved.

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